Bank Services

Overdraft Protection
No worries!  You’ll never have to worry about a mix up in your checking account.  Transfer from your savings account to cover shortages in your checking account.  Ask our bank professionals how you can protect your account by calling Lynnville (641-527-2535 or 888-527-2534), Sully (641-594-3744), Agency (641-937-5236), Brooklyn (641-522-9231) or Grinnell (641-236-7700).

Debit MasterCard
Get convenience and security with a First State Bank Debit MasterCard!  Use at ATMs worldwide (Free at all privileged status ATMs).  Also accepted anywhere that accepts MasterCard.  Charges are taken directly from your checking account, so no bills to pay.

Some merchants may require a SecureCode.  This can be obtained by registering at the following link:

SHAZAM MyPic Studio – debit card customization

1×1 card image customization – click here
2×2 card image customization – click here
Full card image customization – click here

First State Bank ATMs
Can’t get to the bank during business hours?  Use our convenient ATMs.  Lynnville, Brooklyn and Grinnell have ATMs located in their drive up areas and the ATMs in Sully and Agency are located just inside the building entrance of the bank office.  Check balances, transfer funds, make deposits (Lynnville and Brooklyn ATMs only) and of course get cash anytime!
Shazam BOLT$                                                        bolt$ logo
Download this app on your device and receive alerts for purchases exceeding cardholder-defined thresholds, card-not-present transactions  (phone and Internet) and suspicious or high-risk transactions.  Use the following link to quickly access your BOLT$ account:

Free Mobile App
Go to the appropriate app store on your device, search for “FSBankIA Mobile” and install.  This app allows you to manage your funds anywhere, anytime.  The app includes Mobile Deposit which allows you to deposit checks (up to $2000) electronically, simply by taking a photo of the front and back of the check.  You must be enrolled in Online Banking to utilize the app.

Enter payments online or set up recurring payments.  Checks are mailed at no charge. Apply today through your online banking account!

Safety Deposit Boxes
Safe and Secure.  Know that your important papers and valuables are safe and always easy to find.  Open a safety deposit box at the Lynnville, Brooklyn, Grinnell or Agency office today.  We have several sizes to fit your needs.

Identity Theft Programs
Consultation Restoration Plan:  this plan is available to ALL customers for $2 per month

  • Full-Service Identity Restoration from licensed, experienced investigators.
  • Continued monitoring and follow-up to ensure all long-term repercussions are resolved.
  • Ongoing practical information and support from experts in finance, data security and Law Enforcement.

Credit Monitoring Plan:  this plan is available to ALL customers for $5 per month

  • Consultation Restoration Plan (as explained above).
  • Allows customers to identify inaccuracies in credit data.
  • Offers early detection of potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Credit specialists to submit disputes to credit reporting agencies.